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Reza Zarghami
Assistant Professor
School of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering
University of Tehran
P.O.Box: 11155-4563, Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98-21) 6696-7781
Fax:     (+98-21) 6695-7784

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Interest /Experience Feedback

  • Modeling and Simulation,
  • Nonlinear Time series Analysis, Chaos, and Fractal in Chemical Engineering,
  • Nonlinear Dynamics Analysis,
  • Two Phase Flow Modeling and CFD/DEM (Discrete/Distinct Element Method), Conditional Monitoring,
  • Uncertainty Methods,
  • Sensitivity Methods,
  • Code Scaling and Scaling of the Accuracy of Thermal-Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanic Advanced Codes,
  • Nonlinear Control, Plant Wide Control,
  • Advanced Computer Code Verification and Validation

Latest Thesis Supervisor and Advisor

  • Mohammad Bahrampour, Rahmat Sotudeh Gharebagh (S) ), Alireza Vatanara (S), and Reza Zarghami (A), “Experimental Studies and Modeling of Pharmaceutical Particles Production by Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide”, 3- February -2013
  • Bahram Haddadi Sisakht, Rahmat Sotudeh Gharebagh (S) and Reza Zarghami (A), “Investigation of Heat Transfer Coefficient in Fluidized Beds using CFD-DEM Method”, 16-January-2013
  • Mohsen Hosseinpour, Reza Zarghami (S), Alireza Vatanara (S), and Rahmat Sotudeh Gharebagh (A), “Nano-particles Formation by Supercritical Fluid Carbon Dioxide via Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solution (RESS) and corresponding Modeling”, 16-January-2013
  • Nadia Larki, Parisa Khadiv-Parsi (S), Morteza Rafiee Tehrani (S), Reza Zarghami (A), and Farid Dorkush (A),” Preparation and Formulation of Extended Release Tablet of Metoprolol Succinate and Study of Mass Transfer of Metoprolol”, 25-September-2012
  • Hossein Seddighikamal, Reza Zarghami (S), Navid Mostoufi (A), and Parisa Khadiv-Parsi (A), “Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Pharmaceutical Coating to Study Drug Sustained Release Behavior”, 17-September-2012
  • Mohammad Amin Hassani, Reza Zarghami (S) and Navid Mostoufi (A), ”The Examination of Effect of Forces Between Particles in Quality of Fluidized Bed using DEM”, 9-September-2012
  • Jaber Yousefi, Reza Zarghami (S), Ismail Haririan (S), and Mojtaba Dehmlaeian (A), “Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Fog Generation (by Piezoelectric) and Drying of Corresponding Fog Droplets (by Microwave) “, 21-August-2012
  • Behzad Babaei, Reza Zarghami (S) and Rahmat Sotudeh Gharebagh (A), “Investigation of Fluidization Quality of Pharmaceutical Powders in Fluidized Beds using Pressure Fluctuations Signals”, 23-July-2012
  • Shadi H. Eghrary, Abolghasem Jouyban (S), Reza Zarghami (A), “Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Solubility Behavior of Losartan Potassium and Amoidarone Hydrochloride in Mixed Solvents at Various Temperatures”, March 2012
  • Ali Reza Zare, Reza Zarghami (S), Parisa Khadiv-Parsi (A), “Experimental Investigation of Pharmaceutical Oil Extraction Process from Rice Bran with Appropriate Solvent and Corresponding Optimization”, February 2012
  • Masoomeh Jamshidi, Navid Mostoufi (S), Reza Zarghami (S), “Cyclone Design with the Purpose of Increasing Performance”, April 2011
  • Bahareh Babaei, Navid Mostoufi (S), Reza Zarghami (S), “Experimental Investigation of Effect of Nanofluids on the Mass Transfer Coefficient in Three Phase Fluidized Bed”, May 2011